About Us


Ben Boyle is the founder of Tranquil Point Retreat.  Ben is a local from the Huon Valley spending his childhood and teenage years in Deep Bay, just across the water from Tranquil Point Retreat. He joined the Australian Army and graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy and The Royal Military College, Duntroon.  He was posted to the Infantry Corps.  He gained much life experience in his 13 years service and operated in many locations around Australia and overseas including East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Iraq.  Ben retired his service life as a Captain.   Afterwards, he owned and operated a successful real estate business in Brisbane for five years.


Ben then embarked on a three year journey of travel and self- discovery.  His travel provided extensive adventures around the world from South America, Asia, Europe to Antarctica.   Whilst on his journey in South America, Ben read an inspiring book “Spark Your Dream” by Canderlaria and Hermann Zapp.  The impact of this book in combination with many other experiences and learnings from his travels enabled him to spark his own dream.  The result – Tranquil Point Retreat.


Ben believes strongly in the incredible healing power of Bikram Yoga and built a Bikram Yoga school at Tranquil Point Retreat.  He graduated from Bikram’s Yoga College of India in 2010 as certified Bikram Yoga teacher and has gained experience teaching in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Thailand and throughout Australia.  He regularly volunteers as staff at Bikram’s world renowned Teacher Training and has taught classes to over 350 students. He continues to seek the mentorship of senior teachers from around the world and volunteers a lot of his own time to mentor new teachers. He continues to see the healing power that is available to all with a consistent practice.


In creating Tranquil Point Retreat, Ben has come full circle back to Huon Valley.  Often asked ‘Why did you come back home?’  Ben replies succinctly and confidently, “It is very simple.  After all these years of travel and exploration, the Huon Valley has the cleanest air and freshest organic food in the world.  Cygnet is a magnificent, progressive, open-minded community.  Tranquil Point Retreat is 45 minutes from Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city,  Melbourne is a one hour flight away and the USA is only 14 hours away.  It makes complete sense to me to live in this pristine paradise.” 


Ben enjoys working in Tranquil Point Retreat’s organic vegetable garden, working with timber and fishing.  He appreciates listening to guests and sharing the odd story or two of his life and experiences. Ben has created a haven for those guests wanting a quiet space. Tranquil Point Retreat is set in natural surrounds where guests can disconnect from the stresses of their everyday life.


Tranquil Point Retreat is a facility open to individuals and small groups.