Bikram Yoga is a healing, therapeutic Yoga.  Taking control of your own health is empowering.  The reason we do yoga is to have a better life outside the yoga room.  All classes at Tranquil Point are beginner classes and are taught by a certified Bikram Yoga teacher. 


Bikram Yoga classes are accessible to everybody and every body regardless of age, shape, size or experience level.  The most important thing you must learn is to breathe.  Everything else is optional.  Listen very closely to your teacher and they will tell you how to do each posture in detail.  The class is 90 minutes in a heated room.  The heat allows your muscles to stretch safely, your body to clean itself through sweating, and your blood to thin allowing it to move more efficiently through your circulatory system cleaning the veins, arteries and organs.  


The Bikram Yoga beginners class is taught in a specific way that is inclusive of every body, first timers, beginners, people with limited mobility, chronic illness and experienced practitioners alike.  It can take a few classes to get used to the sequence, so we recommend you practice as many classes as possible in your first month to see maximum benefits.  In a short space of time, you will begin to heal your aches and pains and you will have more energy.  You will love the benefits of Bikram Yoga as you create a healthier you.


Here are some helpful hints:

  • Hydrate before class
  • First time students should arrive 15 minutes early
  • Classes are 90 minutes
  • The room is heated
  • Wear comfortable light-weight clothing
  • Avoid heavy meals before class
  • Bring a large towel, yoga mat and water (all available for hire or sale at the studio)
  • Be prepared to work hard and sweat


We look forward to welcoming you soon to Bikram Yoga Tranquil Point.