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Bikram Yoga 14 Day Detox

The Bikram Yoga 14 Day Detox Retreat comprises practising a Bikram Yoga class everyday for 14 days. It is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally whilst cleansing every system in your body.  Bikram Yoga practised daily combine with healthy organic food choice provides remarkable detoxification outcomes.  Not only will you lose weight, your skin will improve and you will gain more energy and have a greater feeling of well being.  You will also improve your alignment and understanding of the postures.   This retreat provides you with new knowledge and skills to use not only in your Bikram Yoga practice, but in every day life as well, creating a new sense of wellness, balance and vitality.


The Bikram Yoga 14 Day Detox Retreat is designed for every body, including:

Those looking to detoxify their bodies and mind.

Those looking to lose weight.

Those looking for a mental and physical challenge
Students looking for posture alignment improvement
Anyone using Bikram Yoga for pain, injury and disease management
Anyone looking to establish sound posture fundamentals

Included in your Tranquil Point Boot Camp retreat package:

Bikram Yoga classes
Posture Clinics as required
Wholesome organic ingredients and produce are provided to prepare your own meals.
Airport Transfers
Plenty of time to rest
Mats and towels


Rate      $2500 private room 1 person    $4500 2 people 

To confirm your reservation, full payment is required at the time of booking.   You can pay with cash or credit card.   Tranquil Point accepts mastercard and visa cards.  There is a 1.5% surcharge on all credit card transactions.  ​Tranquil Point has a no refund cancellation policy.  Your booking can be transferred within a 12 month period from the date of the initial booking.