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“We will be back!! Magical!!” – Simon, Melbourne, 9 July 2012


“At peace…” – Jenny, Melbourne, 9 July 2012


“Tranquil Point is a special part of the world. I loved connecting with nature again and can’t wait to return – much longer next time.” – Brad, Sydney, 31 July 2012


“Beautiful people, beautiful place!!” – Melisa, Melbourne, 12 August 2012


“Magical place, amazing people.” – Pardeep, India, 12 August 2012


“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all being, and all beings in his own self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye – The Buddha” – Simon, Melbourne, 9 July 2012


“Tranquility in your own back yard. Little piece of heaven.” – Gaelene, Hobart, 19 August 2012


“What a beautiful place to heal and be reminded of what & who you truly are. Feeling very blessed to have had some time here. Thank you!” – Talitha (Tilly), Auckland, New Zealand, 2 September 2012


“My idea of heaven. Nature, the sea, organic food, good people, comfy bed& 10 paces to yoga in my gym boots.” – Jacki, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2 September 2012


“Thanks Benny for a very cathartic and enjoyable stay. Loved yoga & working the property.” – Andrew, Adelaide, 13 September 2012


“This place will be a part of me forever, I have been happy every day! Life is a song  "live out loud!” – Julia, Moscow, 17 September 2012


“We loved everything about Tranquil Point.” – Benn & Maddy, Brisbane, 7 September 2012


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world – Gandhi. Never more true words @ T.P.” – Jess & John, Melbourne, 7 September 2012


“Tranquil Point – a unique & beautiful spot to find union within oneself & with nature” – Susan & Michael, Melbourne, 7 September 2012


“Had a ball – what a lovely place – did yoga & got back into life” – Sherry, Brisbane, 9 October 2012


“Thanks Ben & Jacki  Oh how I love it here, my 4th visit & I can’t get enough. Beautiful place, energy & people, might be my last for a wee while.” – Talitha, Auckland, New Zealand, 22 October 2012


“What an inspiring insight and awareness to mind, body & soul. Paradise.” – Tony & Elizabeth, Perth, 27 October 2012


“Most fun I’ve ever had, even with the Bikram Yoga. Fell in love with Tassie.” – Jack, Lake Tahoe, United States, 7 November 2012


“Simply awesome” – Samantha, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 11 November 2012


“Nice break, good food, nice fire pit!” – Aaron, St Kilda, 10 November 2012


“I am leaving Tranquil Point full of love and gratitude. Thank you! Much love.” – Ida, Victoria, Canada, 23 November 2012


“2 great Bikram classes. Warm atmosphere. Lives up to its name, that’s the Point.” – Clive, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22 December 2012


“An experience never to be forgotten. Thank you.” – Mary, Mt. Claremont, Perth, 29 December 2012


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart! That is the Point!” – Marie, Brisbane, 2 January 2013


“Tranquility: PEACE, of mind, body, soul, on EARTH. Before you can love, you have to learn to love yourself, and be at peace. Thanks for the reminder!!! Thanks for sharing your dream.” – Kosi, Hobart, 14 January 2013


“Amazing class, great gigs at Cygnet festival. Many thanks, the company!” – Markus, Brisbane, 13 January 2013


“I fell in love with that place & the wonderful people who made my stay unforgettable! Namaste. Thanks a lot to Ben & Adriana!” – Kerstin, Vienna, Austria, 31 January 2013


“Such a beautiful place, bones to skin.” – Billy, Boston, United States, 20 February 2013


“Definitely a place to gather thoughts, relax and just breathe. Thanks Ben.” – Bianca, New Zealand, 20 February 2013


“A great relaxing experience. Thank you!! ” – Cindy, Vancouver, Canada, 20 February 2013


“So beautiful, so nice & clean, inside & out.” – Loza, Lenah Valley, 23 February 2013


“The beauty & simplicity is potent medicine… well done Ben!!!” – Caroline, South Geelong, 23 February 2013


“Thanks Ben! Great teaching and hospitality.” – Elinor, Hobart, 1 March 2013


“Beautiful place Ben, thanks for the experience. I’ll be back!” – Miranda, Hobart, 1 March 2013


“Veggie garden – gold!!” – Aaron, St Kilda, 6 March 2013


“Wonderful, awesome, relaxing!” – Ros, Lymington, 10 March 2013


“Haven’t been this relaxed in years! Fantastic food too!” – Chris, Lymington, 10 March 2013


“Amazing! All that is Tranquil Point has inspired body, mind and spirit.” – Natasha, Launceston, 11 March 2013


“Everything I expected… and more! Thank you Ben.” – Hannah, Leicester, England, 15 March 2013


“Awesome relaxing at Tranquil Point. Will be back!” – Viv, Burleigh, 20 March 2013


“Wunderschön & back to the roots. Thank you very very much Ben!” – Angela, Hamburg, Germany, 20 March 2013


“Words cannot explain. It’s been an experience. Thank you.” – Isabell, Ostersund, Sweden, 20 March 2013


“Great company & fantastic location! Loved it all.” – Geoffrey, Kingston, 24 March 2013


“Great food, great friends, great yoga! Thanks Ben.” – Sarah, Kangaroo Ground,  25 March 2013


“Oysters as big as saucers! Flatties on the bite! Hospitality – AAA @ Tranquil Point. Thanks a ton Ben.” – Damian, Kangaroo Ground, 25 March 2013


“What a remarkable change in lifestyle… thanks for the experience!” - Dan & Ashley, Wagga Wagga / Washington DC, United States, 29 March 2013


“Wonderful Many thanks, Ben.” – Matt, Melbourne, 30 March 2013


“Special things happening here!!! Keep doing your thing, look forward to getting back!!!” – Craig, Sydney, 30 March 2013


“Thank you, merci, graçias, dzienkvje. Was fabulous. See you again soon ” – Eva, Edmonton, Canada, 1 April 2013


“Absolutely beautiful – a little piece of heaven. Thank you for sharing it with me!” – Lindsay, Washington DC, United States


"We had a peaceful, joyful time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful place with us Ben. We will be back.” – Rod & Vesna, Melbourne, 4 April 2013


“Amazing space Ben. Coming back for more. Thank you so much.” – Manyia & David, Noosa, 21 April 2013


“Beautiful everything! – location, yoga room, house & of course, host. Thanks Ben!” – Rachel, Toronto, Canada, 21 April 2013


“Heaven on earth ƒº Thank you for your hospitality, will be back very soon!” – Emilie, Melbourne / Montreal, Canada, 21 April 2013


“Yoga utopia! With much gratitude & thanks!” – Alison, Sydney, 26 April 2013


“So grateful for every moment, every breath, every pose, you, THANK YOU BENNY.” – Jane, Kettering, 26 April 2013


“Breathtakingly beautiful. Such a nurturing way to improve my practice. Thank you Ben.” – Melissa, Brisbane, 28 April 2013


“Go back, more back…….. Thanks for reminding me how to dream… loved the yoga, the veggies, the fresh air & the company.” – Anne-Marie, Yarraville, 3 May 2013


“Thank you for the unforgettable life changing week… You gave so much!! 11 classes in 6 days, the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. Thank you Tranquil Point and the community… My home away from home… see you again soon.” – Joedi, Mount Martha, Melbourne, 25 May 2013


“Tranquil Point: great Bikram – check. Law & Order – check. Great company – check.” – Damian, Kangaroo ground, 31 May 2013


“HEAVEN ON EARTH” – Kath, Brisbane, 25 May 2013


“2 week brainwash into Bikram’s great sequence & methods did it. Like my friend said; good girl, you won’t look back. Thank you Ben for the yoga, people, food & all the best for you & little Sassyfrassy.” – Jenny, Finland, 24 June 2013


“Ben somehow, intuitively knew the perfect timing for everything. Every millimetre towards healing. Beautiful.” – Jac, Broome, 22 June 2013


“Another great yearly pilgrimage to TP. Keep it up – guru!!” – Martin & Jackie, Brisbane, 27 June 2013


“Tranquil Point is like a fine (non-alcoholic) wine.” – Damian, Kangaroo ground, 1 July 2013


“I’m leaving TP minus a few nasty habits both in and out of the room. Loved every minute, especially the nonstop laughs. Good energy flowing daily. YAH! Thanks Benny.” – Sharon, Brisbane, 3 July 2013


“No coffee, no booze, my head is as clear as the beautiful water here. Hope to see you and Sassy again soon.” – Liz, Berkeley, CA, United States, 4 July 2013


“Thanks for your mentorship, Ben. I’ve been living my dream in this serenity!” – Leslie, Fulllerton, CA, United States, 21 August 2013


“Humble beneath the stars that shine so much brighter here. Simply magnificent!” – Margit, Frankfurt, Germany, 18 November 2013


“The teacher retreat exceeded all expectations. I leave with not only new knowledge but new friends. Thank you for creating TP.” – Heather, Long Island, NY, United States, 20 November 2013


“Amazing experience & the beginnings of my next journey.” – Corinne, Moruya, 22 February 2014


“Ben’s Tranquil Point is a gift to all of us. Thanks for sharing and the love.” – Roz & Robert, Brisbane, 28 February 2014


“Thank you, my dear, sweet friend for taking such good care of me! I’m so happy I finally made it down to see you living your dream. This place is so beautiful, you deserve it. Miss you already.” – Ivanka, Winnipeg, Canada, 13 March 2014


“I experienced a wonderful time in my retreat Heartland… Tranquil Point… where the water is fresh from the snowy peaks, the beaches are wild & the people are too.” – Yvette, Sydney, 21 April 2014 (Easter retreat)


“I knew I’d want to return before I arrived. Thanks Ben, Anne & Sass for the hospitality! It’s finally just about the yoga!” – Crystal, Adelaide, 22 April 2014


“Freedom. Simplicity. Love.” – Naomi, Boise, Idaho, United States, 27 April 2014


“I will miss the air, water, & Ben's cooking & the hot room. Love.” – Amy & Oliver, Adelaide, 27 April 2014